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"My 5 year old took Holly's weekly classes in pre-k and his teachers were amazed that he asked to work on his handwriting in class. It was a station he always avoided. He volunteers to write thank you notes to his friends -  something that before Little Muscles he would be too upset to do. I knew we had a winner when my son reminded me about class on Wednesdays because he was so excited to learn more." - Kat, Atlanta


"Holly is an incredibly talented pediatric occupational therapist. She worked with my son, during early intervention, on many fine motor skill activities — including teaching my son how to write. To this day, he has the most beautiful handwriting of any student at his school! I owe it all to Holly - her patience, expertise and skill! I am truly grateful." - Michelle, NYC


"Holly worked with my daughter when she was in Early Intervention in NYC. We loved having her in our home! Holly is smart, talented and patient, and was amazing with my daughter. She really helped with my daughter's fine motor development. We were so sad when Holly moved to Atlanta." Laurie, NYC 

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